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Our certified and experienced technicians perform PM Services on your Trucks, Trailers and Equipment. We follow the manufactures specifications and intervals for WET and DRY PM's whether it based on mileage or engine hours.

            Many of our customers have their own PM sheets that we file in our shop and on our service trucks. Moreover, especially our School Bus or Motor Coach Bus client’s, require different PM services at different intervals. For example, our school bus inspections have (4) different PM services: A - Annual D.O.T Inspection [12 months, 12,0000 miles], B- Wet PM Service and Inspection [5-6,000 miles] C- Wet PM Service/Inspection (including Fuel Filter and Air Dryer Cartridge)[12 year, 12,000 miles] and D.O.T Brake Inspection, D- PM Service (including filters), Transmission Service and filters, Coolant service and filter and Rear end fluid and filter service [every 24 months]. 

Depending on your truck, driving habits, and average daily workload rate will help us create a tailor made Preventative Maintenance program for your truck or fleet of trucks and trailers. For example, if you have a flatbed with moffett or boom to unload and load materials or a Tow Truck then your truck may idle alot and often. Excessive Idle time is not good for engines. Every hour the engine is idling equates to 25 miles of driving wear and tear. Thus if you have 100,000 miles on your truck odometer and 5700 engine hours of driving and idle time, then the true wear/odometer reading on your motor is (5700 hours x 25miles) 142,500. This is almost 50% more wear on engine thus the engine needed almost 50% more Wet PMs (oil change) over the life of the truck so far. Going forward, in this case, we would inform customer to change oil every 350-400 hours and not 10,000 miles. This will greatly reduce the wear and tear on engine, creating less break downs and costly repairs.

            These PM services are essential to maintaining a healthy fleet of trucks, trailers and equipment that are safe and compliant with D.O.T standards and regulations. If any defects are present, the PM services and intervals allow our clients to have their finger on the pulse of the condition of their fleet. We will be able to repair defects and get them back on the road quickly. Our customers take great comfort and pride knowing their trucks, trailers and equipment where serviced and inspected by our team; alleviating concerns for avoidable breakdowns and D.O.T penalties and fines for non-compliance. We are essentially non-equity partners in our clients businesses as we take great pride in seeing and maintaining their fleets on the road with our "stamp" of safety, quality and compliance

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