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Drive Train Repair & Replacements

In today’s modern world drivetrains have advanced like all systems on vehicles. In years past the drivetrain consisted of a manual transmission, which was disengaged using a foot paddle to release a clutch from the engine.While many trucks and equipment are still utilizing this system with much success. Today’s newer equipment has many more options like fully automatic transmissions, semi-automatic transmissions to manual automatic shift systems.

  • Manual transmissions require the operator to disengage the transmission utilizing a clutch and a shifter to select proper gearing.

  • Semi-Automatic transmissions require the operator to manually disengage the clutch. But shifting is done by electronics and air systems entirely without the use of a shifter only push buttons.

  • Manual automatic systems do not require the operator to disengage the clutch system. These tasks are done completely from the transmission control module and air systems. The driver is left to only select forward or reverse directions.

  • Fully automatic transmissions are systems, which are integrated with computers built into the transmissions. Which control the proper gearing is utilized for optimum performance. Allison is the industry leader and we have the OE Allison manufacturing software to read, troubleshoot, perform factory updates and reprogram the TCM. 

Differentials: These are the used to transfer the actions of the engine and transmission to the motion of the vehicle on the ground. Differentials have also become extremely complex also.  

The differential is comprised off several larger and smaller gears, which must be timed correctly to mesh effectively and efficiently. Our technicians here are constantly trained to hone their skills on all drivetrain components to insure proper function and effectiveness.  

Engine Repair, rebuild & replacement

International Fleet Services offers several repairs and replacement options when it comes to your diesel engine. If you're experiencing severe engine problems that are causing major driveability and performance issues that need to be addressed immediately please dont hesitate to call our experienced and knowledgable staff. They will help educate you and guide you through the process to ultimately repair the engine issue. 

1 - Replace engine cylinder heads

  • For engine that have 100k - 150k miles or less and that experience the following problems. Overheating, roller/lifter issues, or any any fuel supply issues that may have damaged the heads. We can replace the cylinder heads to get you back on the road in a timely manner. However, if the engine has north of 100k-150k miles we recommend to perform one of the following 2 options listed below. 

2 - In chases engine rebuild

  • When the engine has north of 100k-150k miles we rebuild the engine in the truck including valves, pistons, bearings, lifters, gaskets, o-rings, etc. 

3 - Diesel Engine Replacement

We can replace your motor with certified new replacement equipment or several qualified aftermarket new engine replacements. 

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