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Electrical Systems

            International Fleet Services was established with a niche in Electrical Systems. We have the latest technology, including OE scanners to expedite the diagnostic process and the get truck, trailer or equipment back on the road quickly. Our certified technicians are constantly honing their skill set through challenging diagnostics, repairs and industry training on the latest electrical systems. From Motor Coach Buses to 52 foot custom trailers with refer units and equipment stations we look forward to any challenge you may have and want to help you get back on the road safely.

            Today’s heavy duty trucks, trailers and equipment are engineered with all the latest technology including sensors, relays, solenoids, modules and computers to monitor and control the mechanical components including gears, drives, pumps, valves etc. This makes it challenging to diagnosis trucks with defined problems like running rough, no power, wont regen etc. International Fleet Services talented technicians are required to troubleshoot between mechanical part failures/issue verses electrical part failures including shorts in wiring, ground and power issues. These modern systems are designed to operate essential as a mechanical truck that is controlled and regulated by an electrical system overlay. The ultimate engineering goal was to make the trucks more efficient, better emissions and to monitor small failures that can be corrected in real time to alleviate large truck expense down the road. Today's most common electrical issue on tractor trailer's are lighting issues, clearance lights, brake lights, etc. 

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