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Mobile On-Site Fleet Services / Road Service

We understand logistics especially the expense and time associated with transporting your trucks, trailers and equipment to and from our facility for maintenance and repairs. Therefore we have evolved our business and have been growing our fleet of Mobile On-Site Services Trucks. Currently we have 2 mobile trucks and we are building a third. We travel up to 40 miles from our base on a daily basis. If you have the special needs that are greater than 40 miles, please call us to discuss in detail and if possible, we will make it happen.  

            Our 12 foot box truck that is loaded with a large shop compressor, heavy tools, nuts, bolts, hardware, filters, fluids, etc. This truck was built for the intention of going on scene and performing multiple services, inspections, repairs and diagnostics over the road or at our customer’s facility. 

            The second truck is our Ford F350 4WD utility body that is custom built. We have a compressor, generator’s, welder, cold start unit and numerous basic tools to complete PMS, annuals and minor repairs. This truck was built for PMs, Annuals and minor repair when our customers primarily need service that is especially off-road on their job sites. Moreover, this truck is also used for welding and fabricating over and the road and off the road.

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