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International Fleet Services roots date back to August 22, 1977 when the parent company International Radiator, Inc open its door in West Hartford, CT. Gaetano and Peter Aniello (father and son) started the company with a focus in the Heating and Cooling and Electrical systems of gas and diesel trucks and equipment. From custom radiators, and engineered brass to aluminum air charge coolers to repaired and interior sealed fuel tanks (steel and aluminum). From 6v to 48v alternators, starters, lift motors, tarp motors, all AC/DC motors we can repair, remanufacture and customize via boosting amps, changing pulleys and internal component parts. Also International Radiator is a distributor of new OE replacement radiators, air charge coolers, A/C compressors, condensers, heater cores, fuel tanks, oil and hydraulic coolers, Alternator, Starters and all AC/DC motors.

            In 2008 Anthony Aniello, Peter's son, came into the business and learned the ropes from the bottom up. In 2010 Anthony went on the road as an outside sales representative and the company started to sky rocket. In 2011 Anthony noticed that the seven bay service center to work on customers light duty trucks and vehicles had very little business to business customers. Moreover, he also observed and understood that light and medium tow trucks bring in a significant amount of work into the service center and simultaneously serves as a great marketing tool as "International Auto" logo is tattooed all over our trucks driving around west Hartford and neighboring towns increasing our brand awareness.

            In 2011-12, Anthony purchased several medium wreckers with full warranty coverage. Two of the medium wreckers had major engine issues with less than 80,000 miles and less than 2 years old. Two different local Hartford dealers, quoted roughly $18,0000 to repair engines due to manufacturer regen failures that caused engine to overheat and would not cover it under warranty even though it was contractual bond. Finally our attorney was able to resolve the matter with these dealerships and after sharing our stories to our contemporaries customers and vendors. Almost every small to medium size business had similar experiences and no matter what the job was, it always took 2-3 weeks to get the truck back. Thus this long down time, and not having their wheels turn, small and medium size business owners lost a lot of money, new business opportunities and contracts. This was final time Anthony and Peter were going to let this happen to them, their customers, contemporaries and vendors.

            Thus Anthony immediately created a sales strategy and hit the road full time again and began building what is IFS today. By the middle of 2012, Anthony had 3 large contracts with AT&T , DHL and private local business company with 150+ vans and buses in the fleet. He hired his first two diesel mechanics from 2012 to 2013. In early 2013, we ran out of working space at our current building at 16 South street and purchased 49 shield street with 21,000 square feet of shop and office space to expand our heavy duty truck and trailer business.

            Since 2013 we have grown to 6 certified diesel mechanics. We have a highly talented group of diesel mechanics with 5 of them being A's and the 6th is a learning tech who is close to becoming a "B" level diesel technician. We hired each technician based on their in-depth knowledge, certifications and experience on the following different drive trains; Navistar, Isuzu, Cummins and Freightliner, Mack/Volvo and Mercedes, PACAR, FORD, GM, HINO and Allision transmissions. We have invested over $48,000 on new laptops with the Dealer level Software for the aforementioned drive train systems and have the abilities to read, write, recode, reprogram, perform factory updates and expediting diagnostics via using the manufacturer software, tools and pin point tests. Lastly we have also invested heavily into our management. Jeff Leduc, our director of operations has over 35 years in the diesel and fleet maintenance business with a CDL. Bill St. Hilarie, our service manager, is a 30 years industry veteran with 20 years experience at Ford medium duty Truck dealerships and additional 10 year experience in the independent heavy duty truck shops and is a master of customer service and communication. Dylan Salvatore, is the newest addition to our team, he has over 15 years experience in the heavy truck and equipment industry as a Parts Inventory Specialist and Service Advisor.

            In conclusion over the last year we have doubled our parts room square footage and inventory levels. We stock all the common PM filters, lights and parts need to complete PMs and Annual Inspections quickly on all makes and models. Moreover we have 100s of lights (trailer and trucks), numerous A/C compressors and component parts for most makes and models, all fluids, brakes, door cables, rollers, corner caps, lift gate solenoids etc. Here, at International Fleet Service, we are a family operation and the employees treat each other as brothers and sisters and we treat our customers as friends and family by developing a relationship from the first minute they come into our shop. Being a good person, honesty, loyalty and doing the right thing is the pillar behind our business and success. We look forward to meeting you and please challenge us so we can help you get back on the road quickly.

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