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Federal D.O.T Annual Inspections

Our Certified Technicians can perform Federal D.O.T Annual Inspections on your fleet of trucks, trailers and equipment at our shop or on-site at your facility. We pride ourselves in devoting numerous hours per year to training and educating our technicians to perform very thorough inspections compliant with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration standards. We take advantage of our large network of industry resources and join in on nationwide conference calls annually with Federal D.O.T officials from all around the United States educating us on the new laws, regulations and honing in on different component of trucks and equipment that have recently (less than 1 year) become problems in large numbers.

            The average annual inspection on a tractor, straight truck takes 1.5 hours to complete including the D.O.T report and sticker. The average annual inspection on a basic trailer (with no refer unit, lift gate, pony motor or any equipment) takes 1 hour to complete. Equipment annual inspections vary depending on size and complexity.

            Upon Inspection if your fleet or trucks, trailers and equipment fail and needs works to bring it up to code, our certified technicians can repair any defects and once completed can sign off on Federal D.O.T inspection and place an annual sticker on your truck, trailer or equipment which is valid for 1 year. Here at IFS, we take great pride in performing proper, thorough annual inspections and have designed our own custom federal annual sticker with our logo which is our 'gold stamp of approval". 

            Lastly, our Fleet software can help monitor when your annual inspections are due by sending us notification well in advance so we can coordinate with you on the best time to perform Federal D.O.T Inspection prior to its expiration date.

            Whether you have 1 Annual Federal D.O.T Inspection to perform or 100+, please call us to schedule and we will begin ensuring your fleet is safe and compliant with Federal D.O.T regulations.

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