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A/C & Heating Systems

International Fleet Services can diagnosis and repair any of your HVAC needs. Whether if it’s in the middle of winter or No A/C in the heat of summer we are ready to help diagnosis and repair any and all issues. We will get you back on the road quickly allowing you to control the climate and keep you comfortable in your Truck, Bus, and Equipment. 

            Moreover, we can handle any of your refer units on trailers. Whether its Thermal King unit or Carrier we have the R 404a Freon, machines, tools and equipment to ensure maintain proper temperature desired for all of your load needs.

            Our experienced and skilled technicians are MACS certified to work with all Freon. R134a is the Freon used in your A/C system to cool your truck, bus and limo. These are closed systems meaning they recycle and reuse refrigeration gases (Freon) used for cooling. We have the technical know how to get the job. If your Truck, Bus, Limo have issues with their A/C schedule an appointment now and we’ll address any and all issues.

A/C & Heating Systems: Service
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