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Trailers & Fifth Wheel

We perform trailer PMS and Repairs on daily basis. Our certified mechanics are well versed in all van/box trailers including flatbed trailers. We are also equipped and capable of diagnosing hydraulic pony motors, winch systems and skirt side walls. We support all makes and models and have the equipment to diagnosis all electrical and ABS issues without needing a tractor attached. We have the latest portable trailer test units that will not only test all the lighting systems and circuits. But will also test and diagnosis the ABS system.

International Fleet Services is one of the only shops in Central C.T that has the flameless Hendricks Trailer Bushing removal system OE tools to repair/replace the Hendricks Suspensions Systems.

We routinely perform PM's and Federal Annual Inspections on site or in our shop in West Hartford, CT. We can also perform several repairs at your location as well. Our capabilities with flatbed trailers are vast, we can repair and fabricate all steel or aluminum repairs needed such as damaged rails, holes or broken pieces including making safety cone storage devices and installing toolboxes. Moreover, we can replace and repair any wood plank boards and install new aluminum treads.

On the Van/box trailers our experience with replacing corner caps and wind sails is an added value. We have the last tools and equipment to diagnose and repair wiring for all interior/exterior lighting. With our extensive knowledge of electrical systems, we pride ourselves on being highly proficient on liftgates, stocking many of the parts in our parts department for quick turnarounds. We can also repair sections of roofing that have developed holes or have been damaged. One of the most common repairs on Van trailers is the rear roll-up doors. Because of this we stock rollers, hinges and door cables from almost every door manufacturer available. We replace door springs also. We can replace door panels if they are damaged beyond repair. International Fleet Services is well versed on also replacing the entire door and cables if needed. 

The fifth wheel is one of the most important and utilized attachments on a tractor which needs to be maintained to manufacturer specification. While pulling a trailer with an out of adjustment or improperly maintained fifth wheel which will creates a dangerous and costly situation. With our over 100 years combined experience, our technicians are highly experienced in performing inspections on fifth wheels, replacing bushings, and/or replacing the entire 5th wheel unit with a new unit. 

Please do not hesitate to CALL US if you have any trailer or fifth wheel concerns or issues.

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