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Lift Gates, Equipment & Hydraulics

Many trucks and trailers are equipped with hydraulic systems for lift gates, knuckle boom arms, pony motors, and portable lift units.

We have a tremendous amount of experience with all lift gates from all manufacturers in both aluminum and steel. Brands and styles including Tommy Gate, Maxon, Thiemann and many more. Some of the most common problems with lift gates includes unit which will not go up or down or even get stuck in an un-stored position and will not move. Also, steel lift gate bushings get worn after several years of use, causing the lift gate to sag down at an unfavorable angle, making it dangerous and difficult to use on any load or item, The lift gate is designed to maintain a level position while in lifting or downward motion. When bushings are worn or missing/damaged this could result in items being lifted may fall off the lift gate creating damage or injury. International Fleet Services can fabricate and install new bushings to rectify your unlevel lift gate. We can also repair and replace the steel decks that are rotting away as well as the structure channel underneath the deck. We fabricate and weld all metals. 

We stock most of the lift gate switches and solenoids that control the electronic circuits. We also can obtain any unstocked parts quickly. Due to our strong relationships with manufacturers and/or parts vendors. If the electric motor on the hydraulic lift system fails, we can remanufacture internally in-house and get you back on the road quickly.

International Fleet Services maintains numerous building supply distributors fleets that have flatbeds & are equipped with knuckle booms and crane equipment. We are experienced and can repair minor issues such as leaking/broken hydraulic hoses, and electrical wiring issues, including safety switch communication issues, which determine if the hydraulic system is producing the manufacturer’s specified rate of flow to enable the boom arms to operate. At this time, we are unable to perform annual inspections or certifications on boom/crane systems but can refer you to the manufacturer service station annually.

In the near future we hope to have completed the manufacture certification process to be able perform certified inspections.

Lastly, we can perform PM service and repairs on truck mounted forklift units like Moffetts, Palfinger, and Princeton. Whether it is a leaking hydraulic hose, lighting issues or electronic issues we can fix it.  One common trailer/truck mounted forklift problem is that units’ rear lights do not work when attached to trailer but work fine when operating independently on the ground. International Fleet Services can expedite the diagnosis between the trailer and the unit to rectify this issue quickly by using our state-of-the-art test station and signal generator which allows us to quickly find the communication issue. We are familiar with all truck mounted forklift brands and can perform repairs and/or services, as necessary.

In conclusion, International Fleet Services has tremendous experience within the hydraulics and fluid dynamics field. When it comes to equipment/attachments for on road trucks or off-road equipment. 

We have an OTC Hydraulic Flow Rate Gauge that we can install onto most systems to evaluate and troubleshoot flow issues differentiating between the main hydraulic pump and or multipule pony pumps and/or issues with valves, fittings, hoses, etc. Whether it is a John Deere Loader, a Caterpillar Dozer, or even Sennebogen excavator/crane, International Fleet Services can diagnose and repair many common hydraulic issues.

Please contact us today to schedule an appointment for your Lift gate, Equipment, and on-board hydraulic systems.

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Lift Gates, Equipment & Hydraulics: Image
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