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Heavy Duty Alignment: Welcome

Heavy Duty Alignment

International Fleet Services is the only shop in the greater Hartford area which can align heavy duty trucks and trailers. We have invested in the most current Hunter heavy duty alignment equipment which is current with every axle configuration through 2020. Our certified alignment technicians are qualified to perform front axle & trust angle alignments to ensure your trucks are tracking properly, while not damaging your tires. Our capabilities do not stop there, we also perform all axle alignments.

 Is your truck dog tracking down the road? 

This is when your truck’s rear tires track in different paths than the front tires. Your rear tires should follow the same path as your front tires, which will help conserve fuel and eliminate premature tire wear. We can perform a complete/comprehensive all axle alignment. 

International Fleet Services can also align your trailer to your tractor. This includes thoroughly inspecting the fifth wheel mounting and bushings to ensure proper movement to manufacture’s specifications and expectations. We will be verifying that your slide engagement cylinder is operating properly as the manufacturer intended. 

International Fleet Services takes alignments very seriously as these items can lead to costly unnecessary repairs, like premature tire wear and decreased fuel economy.

Upon aligning your truck, trailer, and/or both, if we come across any issues which need addressing, we will communicate with you for your approval. In some instances, proper alignments will require shims to be installed to obtain proper alignments. We stock most nessasery shims to eliminate downtime. We also can acquire any parts not inventoried quickly through our strong relationships with our vendors, in many cases within the same day.

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